DevOps is a set of techniques that combines software development and IT operations in order to reduce the development lifecycle and enable continuous software delivery and integration. DevOps' major purpose is to improve collaboration between software development and IT teams, as well as automate the build, test, and release processes.

The following is a short overview of the DevOps process:

  • Planning:

    This includes determining the project's goals and objectives, as well as the resources and tools required to achieve them.

  • Development:

    This is where the project's code is written and tested. It consists of developing and modifying software programs as well as writing automated tests to ensure code quality.

  • Testing:

    After writing and testing the code, it must be verified to ensure it is ready for production. This can include testing for compatibility with various areas as well as user acceptance testing to make sure that the software satisfies the needs of end users.

  • Deployment:

    When the code has been tested and approved, it is ready to be deployed to production. This can include automating the deployment process as well as monitoring the software once it has gone live to verify it is working properly.

  • Maintenance:

    Even after the software has gone live, it will still need regular maintenance to keep it updated and operating effectively. This includes responsibilities like applying security updates, fixing issues, and adding new features.

Overall, the goal of DevOps is to enable organizations to quickly and reliably deliver high-quality software to their customers.

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